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Learn more about our work in the community
Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction

Our Community-Managed Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction (CMCDRR) is one of our largest projects. Its goal is to help Banaba become less vulnerable to the floods which affect our community annually. This includes both disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

Communtiy Training & Education

In our community-training program, we aim to further the community’s understanding of environmental protection and its connection to disasters.

Buklod ng Kabataan

We believe that, to build a bright future, we need young people to follow our foot steps. That’s why we created Buklod ng Kabataan.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Poverty alleviation is a priority for Buklod Tao not only because it makes life better for the community, but because it is a key part of disaster risk reduction. 

Psycho-Social Support System

Recovery after a disaster isn’t just about rebuilding structures and cleaning up. Psychological recovery is important following disaster.

Paralegal Advocacy 

At Buklod Tao, we believe that we’re responsible for looking after our environment and advocating for our own rights. 

Emergency Response

We do all we can to help people escape floods and prevent devastating floods, but we can’t stop the weather. When floods do come, we’re ready to help rebuild.

Environmental Protection

Where the environment is degraded, the effects of disaster will always be worse as will general quality of life. At Buklod Tao, we’re fighting to protect the environment so that communities can have a safe, healthy future.

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