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Our Products


We sell a variety of products which are produced via our Livelihoods Program.  All of our products are made to order, are 100% environmentally friendly, and contribute to a healthy, sustainable future for our community.


As Buklod Tao is a small organization with limited production capacity, we don't keep large stock-piles of our products in reserve. We simply don't have the space or ability for that kind of production! Instead, when you place your order we'll make your items. This means that we need two to three weeks to complete all online orders. 


We are more than happy to ship products within the Philippines. Shipping takes between five and ten working days depending on your location and the size of your order. Shipping costs also depend on how much you order and where you live. Please note that these prices do not include shipping! 


We've listed a few of our best selling products here, but we have a larger list of products which we can make if you are interested in them. Click here for our full product list. 


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