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The Officers of Buklod Tao

These talented and dedicated volunteers make Buklod Tao run! 

Founder & President:
Manuel A. Abinales


Founder and president "Noli" has been fighting for a more secure Banaba since 1994. He leads Buklod Tao. 

Vice President:

Drissa Sogodogo

Originally from Mali, Drissa is now Buklod Tao's assistant to fiber glass rescue boat fabrication. 

Community Kitchen:

Josefina M. Verbo


"Pina" is the female leader of Buklod Tao Disaster Risk Rreduction Team SL1.  She is also our liason to university students' deplyment    


Francia M. Encinas

As treasurer, Francia is in charge of ensuring that Buklod Tao's finances are in order. She manages your precious donations! Francia is also a regular fixture in our community kitchen.


Teresita S. Belen


"Tess" is person-in-charge for mobilization initiatives and our community kitchen. 


Pablo C. Taon III



As auditor, Pablo is an essential member of the Buklod Tao Trustee board. He is also in charge of art works.

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