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Livelihoods for Poverty Alleviation

Our livelihoods programme is officially called the "Social Enterprise Capital Augmentation Program" or "SECAP" for short. This programme focuses on poverty alleviation project.


Poverty alleviation is a priority for Buklod Tao not only because it makes life better for the community, but because it is a key part of disaster risk reduction. Communities with lower levels of poverty will be more able to resist and recover from the floods which affect our are annually.


There are two parts of the SECAP programme.


First, the program consists of the the Individual Capital Business Augmentation (ICBA).


During this programme, typhoon affected families with family business, and identified through our data culled from our Post Ketchana Rapid Livelihood Assessment (December 2009 - January 2010) applied for loans. This programme is still on-going and caters to Ketchana affected in Banaba who have good track record of loan repayment.


Second, SECAP includes Group Businesses.  A group of vulnerable women still make and sell a variety of products including Tetra Pots made from recycled materials, Bags made of recycled materials, eco-slippers made from cocofibers, compost, urban container garden, and native trees and other plants which are for sale.


Our group livelihoods programmes continue to provide an environmentally and economically sustainable impact for Banaba's most vulnerable.  We would love to see these programmes grow, but for that to happen we need to sell more products! You can learn more about our products here. To place an order, visit our products page or contact us.


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