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Paralegal Advocacy

At Buklod Tao, we believe that we’re responsible for looking after our environment and advocating for our own rights. To that end, our paralegals work with local government and other NGOs to ensure that environmental laws and community needs are acknowledged and respected.


The activities of our paralegal program include:


  • The production and distribution of advocacy materials

  • Petitioning local government and other NGOs when required to ensure that local rights are respected

  • Mobilization of paralegals and community members to advocate for local rights

  • Documenting and recording infractions and successes for future activities


Our paralegals’ recent activities have included advocating for the creation of a women’s desk in the barangay, inquiring as to the spending of government funding ear marked for Disaster Risk Reduction, and looking into the possibilities of protecting the Marikina watershed.


To keep our paralegals operating, we urgently require funding and expertise! If you’d like to donate or volunteer please contact us.

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