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Buklod ng Kabataan

We believe that, to build a bright future, we need young people to follow our foot steps. That’s why we created Buklod ng Kabataan.


Buklod Ng Kabataan is a youth group. Many of the members are the children of Buklod Tao’s leaders. Buklod Ng Kabataan’s mission is to protect and promote mother earth. The young people of Buklod Ng Kabataan believe in encouraging other young people to take responsibility for the environment on whatever scale they can.


In addition to its many projects, The group serves as role models to other youth in the community.  Buklod Ng Kabataan has worked with the Centres for Disaster Preparedness on projects advocating for youth involvement in disaster risk reduction and campaigned with GreenPeace Philippines against pollution of the Marikina River. They’ve also planted trees and participated in community clean up activities.


Buklod Ng Kabataan also believes in using art and theatre to involve youths in environmental activism. They have attended theathre workshops with both the Philippine Educational Theatre Association and the Harloquin Theatre group. Recently, Buklod Ng Kabataan even held their own theatre workshop.


With the help and support of Buklod Tao, Buklod Ng Kabtaan plans to continue expanding their own events. If you’d like to be a part of youth empowerment in Banaba, please consider donating. 

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