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Welcome to our "About Buklod Tao" page! If you hve a quesiton that isn't answered here, please contact us. 



Buklod Tao is a peoples' organization in Brgy. Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal that reinforces the capacity of communities to respond to disasters and enhance their environment.  We are a registered Filipino non-profit. Our SEC registration is AN09600383. 


Buklod Tao envisions a free, peaceful, and progressive community where everyone has strong relationships with God, their fellow men, Mother Nature, and is capable of taking care of themselves during disaster. 

Core Values

We value:

  1.  Nationalism/Patriotism

  2.  Creativity

  3.   Being humble

  • Restore and maintain the beauty and healthy state of rivers and creeks

  • Reinforce the capacity of communities to reduce disaster risk and meet their own needs

  • Enhance the relationship of communities with their environments and help them conserve their resources


We work in the community of Banaba. Banaba is in the municipality of San Mateo, Rizal Province. Our focus on disaster risk reduction is born of Banaba’s high vulnerability to disaster. Two fault lines run very near our community, and we are located in a flood plain between two major rivers.


As a result, we are affected by flooding every year of one degree or another. During the worst flood of recent years – Ketsana in 2009 – 96% of our community was flooded. We are also at high risk of earthquake. 


You can reach our location easily from Metro Manila, making it very easy to visit! Please contact us if you'd like to visit our projects.


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